What Is A Skater Boy Haircut For Men?

Millennial and Generation X men as well as their parents may remember how skater boy haircuts were popular in the 90s or early 2000s. Like many trends, this one has returned and is becoming popular with Generation Z as well as older adults. Next time you schedule men's haircut services, consider asking for this iconic cut. In the meantime, here are some things you should know about skater boy haircuts.

What are skater boy haircuts?

Skater boy haircuts describe a particular aesthetic and style that was popular among skaters and other young men in the 90s. The look often includes long, shaggy bangs with short sides and a buzzed or short back. This kind of cut makes it easy to push your hair out of your face when performing stunts or maneuvers on a skateboard.

However, a skater boy haircut can also describe hair that is cut short all around or spiked in the front. People often have different opinions regarding what constitutes a skater boy haircut. This type of haircut can also be slightly messy or spiky in some spots for contrast. Make sure you let your stylist know what you consider a skater boy cut when you book haircut services so you can get a look you love.

What are some modern variations of the skater boy haircut?

The classic skater boy cut with long hair and buzzed or short sides is becoming popular again. You may also notice modern variations, such as side parts, longer bangs, short sides with a long top and back, and slightly choppy layers. Men who prefer to keep their hair on the shorter end of the spectrum may opt for an undercut when they schedule haircut services. The sides can be clipped close or shaved completely with some length left up top. This look is very edgy and bold while still being easy to maintain.

What hair types work best for skater boy haircuts?

Skater boy haircuts can work with a variety of different hair types. Coarse, thin, fine, and curly hair all look great cut in this low-maintenance style. If you have thin or fine locks, your stylist may suggest using styling products that help add texture and body. This will help give your hair some extra hold and make it easier to style. For those with thicker, coarser hair, the texture of your locks will work well with this cut and you may not need to add any additional product.

Skater boy haircuts can be a great way to switch up your look while staying true to your personal style. If you are considering a new cut, look for a barbershop or salon that offers men's haircut services to help you get the perfect skater boy look. For more information on haircut services, contact a professional near you.

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