Pros And Cons Of Synthetic Wigs

If you are losing your hair, you might be considering purchasing a wig. Wearing a wig can help you feel more confident out in public. It can also be a fun way to add some variety to your look. Once you decide to shop for a wig, the next decision you need to make is what kind of wig to buy. Human hair wigs are quite popular, but synthetic wigs are also an option, and today's wig companies make some really convincing, high-quality synthetic wigs. So, should you go synthetic? Consider these pros and cons as you decide.

Pro: Synthetic wigs have a nice luster

Human hair does not always have the shine you'd like it to have. People with truly shiny natural hair are few and far between. So, if you want shiny hair and you buy a human hair wig, you will likely have to rely on some conditioners and leave-in sprays in order to get that sheen. This is not an issue with synthetic wigs. There are plenty of synthetic wigs that are made to look shiny, yet natural, without the addition of any hair products.

Con: Synthetic wigs are very heat-sensitive

You won't be able to use heat styling tools on most synthetic wigs. This includes curling wands and blow dryers. As such, you can really only wear the wig one way. If it's straight, you will always wear it straight. If it's curly, it will always be curly.

Pro: Synthetic wigs are affordable

Synthetic wigs tend to be far more affordable than those made from human hair. They are simply easier to make and easier to source the materials for. Even the best-quality synthetic wigs from brands like Rene of Paris tend to cost less than the average human hair wig. This difference in price may make it possible for you to buy more than one synthetic wig.

Con: Synthetic wigs can't be dyed

You can dye a human hair wig, but you cannot dye a synthetic wig. If you decide you want a different color, you will have to buy a whole new wig. Luckily, they tend to be affordable, but you still have to go to this expense.

With these pros and cons in mind, you should have an easier time deciding whether a synthetic wig is right for you. It may also be helpful to have a conversation with a stylist who knows your hair and preferences.

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