Keep Oatmeal Soap On Hand For These Situations

Oatmeal soap is known to be really soothing and moisturizing. Some people with dry skin like to use it every day. But even if you don't like to use oatmeal soap daily, you can and should keep a bar on hand. You can pull it out and use it on the following occasions.

After a Sunburn

Of course, getting a sunburn is not good for your skin, but sometimes you can't help it. After a sunburn, showering can be a little uncomfortable because the water hits your sore skin. Using oatmeal soap can help. The oatmeal helps reduce some of the inflammation in the top level of your skin, which eases your pain and can help you stay more comfortable. You may also find that your sunburn heals more quickly if you bathe in oatmeal soap.

After Time in Cold Air

Maybe you don't normally have dry skin, but after spending some time in cold, dry air, your skin feels parched and dried out. You can pull out the oatmeal soap on occasions like this. It will help heal any chapped skin you have while also soothing soreness and tightness. For best results, use lukewarm water in a situation like this. Water that is too hot or cold can make the chapped skin and irritation worse, even with the oatmeal soap.

After Using a Product That Irritates You

Some people have really sensitive skin and react to a lot of products. Other people have pretty tolerant skin, but they may still have some irritation and itchiness after trying certain new products. If you've reacted to a product and your skin is uncomfortable, using oatmeal soap can help ease this discomfort. Make sure you rinse the irritating product off your skin first. Then, wash your skin with oatmeal soap and cool water to remove the last remnants of the product while also soothing your skin.

After a Rash

If you develop any sort of rash, such as a reaction to poison ivy or poison oak, using oatmeal soap can really help. The oatmeal can reduce inflammation, which in turn helps reduces the itchiness and redness. You don't want to use the oatmeal soap in place of any medications your doctor may recommend, but in addition to them. 

Oatmeal soap is great to have on hand, even if you do not use it regularly. Make sure everyone in your family knows it's there if they need it.  

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