Salon Services: 4 Types Of Hair Treatment That Give You Healthier Hair

Getting long, healthy, and vibrant hair seems like an impossible task for many people. To achieve the perfect hair, different salon service providers have recommendations on the right products, styling techniques, and other hacks. While different types might need various care techniques to thrive, some basics remain the same. Salon services offer four hair treatments that give you healthier hair regardless of your type. 

Keratin Care

Keratin is the main protein component of your hair. It protects the inner structure of the strand from harsh weather and is less prone to scratching and tearing. However, it also makes the strands very frizzy when it comes into contact with humidity. As a result, you will have a hard time controlling your hair, especially if it has a curly pattern. A keratin procedure is a gentle chemical that breaks down the protein and straightens the hair. Even during the humid season, your hair will be easy to manage when you have given it a keratin application. 

Treatment With Hot Oil

Hot oil treatment is another popular way to keep your hair healthy and shiny. The process gives your strands a healthy sheen and repairs cuticle dryness. The hot oil treatment can last for several minutes, depending on the level of damage your hair has undergone. It is the ideal treatment to seek if you have dye or heat damage. 

Detoxification Procedure

Hair regimens have adverse effects on the strands. Sometimes, they leave toxins within the head and scalp, affecting hair growth, health, and appearance. However, you can reverse all these effects by getting detoxification. The procedure cleans any chemical residues you could be having, leaving the strands clean, healthy and shiny. 

Moisture Infusion

Dry hair and scalp are common hair problems. They happen when you use extreme heat when styling it. It can also result from failure to lock in the moisture when treating and braiding. The problem also makes you itch and can lead to dandruff. Also, the strands start splitting near the edges, derailing its growth and giving you bad hair days. Therefore, it is advisable to consider this treatment to bring the moisture balance back to your scalp.

A professional hair salon can help you determine the best treatment for your specific problem. Speak to them and set up an appointment for a treatment that will restore your hair's health. You will have fewer bad hair days when you choose these hair care procedures. 

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