Should You Pick A Popular Style? How To Find The Best Haircuts For Men

What are the best haircuts for men? There are trendy cuts, popular cuts, classic cuts, seasonal cuts, and cuts for men that are completely timeless. If you want a new style but aren't sure which cut is the best choice, take a look at the questions to ask right now.

Is the Most Popular Cut the Best Choice?

More specifically, is the most popular current cut the best choice for you as an individual? Even though a style is trending, the most popular haircut of the year may not work for you. Before you choose a new cut:

  • Review the options. Trends come and go quickly—and some overlap. This means you aren't likely to find just one popular or "best" haircut of the month, season, or year. Instead, you will have several options. 

  • Talk to a professional. A stylist can help you to better understand the current trends and select a cut that is right for you. If you have a cut in mind already, the stylist can explain how it might (or might not) work with your face, overall style, and hair type.

  • Think about past cuts. What cuts have you already tried? If a specific cut is currently in style but this option didn't work out well when you tried it a few years ago, reconsider the trend. 

Along with reviewing the options, talking to a salon pro, and comparing past cuts to current trends, think about whether you want to stand out in a crowd. While a popular cut is an on-point option, it's likely you aren't the only man considering this style. This means your cut may look like your neighbor's, old college roommate's, co-worker's, and everyone else you know's cut. 

Can You Create Your Own Style?

You like the look of some of the most popular cuts. But you also want to set yourself apart. Now what? Instead of the same cut everyone else has right now, consider the following.

  • Add your own flair. Start with a trendy cut and add something special. This could include a different part, a longer shag, an asymmetrical design, or a new color.

  • Ask a professional. If you're not sure how to turn a trendy look into a style that's all your own, talk to a salon pro. 

  • Go in a totally different direction. Even though you enjoy the aesthetics of trendy cuts, you might like something completely different. This is where a stylist comes in. The salon pro can help you to create a completely new style that's ahead of the trends.

Your hairstylist can help you to find the just-right look—whether this is a trendy style, a combination option, or a stand-out new type of cut. Choose a creative stylist who can elevate the best current cut to a new level. Ask friends or family for referrals. If you don't have a referral, ask your would-be future stylist for references and photos of their work. 

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