Getting A Better Haircut

Your hair stylist does have the ultimate control over how your haircut turns out. However, this does not mean you are powerless when it comes to your haircut! Your stylist cannot know your personal tastes and preferences unless you express them clearly, and while they may be incredibly talented, they are still human. So, with that in mind, here are some things that you can do to get a better haircut.

Schedule an appointment.

It's always nice when a salon offers walk-ins, since you can stop in and get a haircut at your convenience. But if you're particular about your cut, or if you want to make a big change, you really should schedule an appointment. This allows your stylist to set aside time for you based on what type of haircut you're desiring. They won't be trying to squeeze you in before an appointment or before they close.

Bring pictures, and be ready to talk about them.

Your idea of "short" might be different from your stylist's idea of short. You might think of a fade as something different from what your stylist means when they use this word. Put another way, a lot can be lost in verbal communication when you're talking about a haircut. So, bring pictures of what you want. And be prepared to describe what, exactly, you like about each picture you present. For example, you can show a certain photo and say to your stylist "I like how even the back is in this style."

Sit still.

It's really hard for your stylist to cut your hair well when you're moving around. Even seemingly small things like reaching for your phone can disrupt the cutting process. So, while your hair stylist is working on your hair, do your best to sit completely still and look straight ahead. If you do need to move to itch or check your phone, warn your stylist first.

Offer honest feedback.

When you're partway through your haircut and your stylist says "how does this look," don't just reflexively respond "good." Take a moment to actually look at how your haircut is developing, and offer honest feedback. It's okay to say you don't like something; your stylist does want to know so they can make changes accordingly.

If you follow the tips above, you'll come home with a better haircut. And once you get used to taking these steps, you'll find you love your haircuts more and more. Contact a company that offers haircut services to learn more.

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