Laser Hair Removal: How To Have The Best Experience

When you get laser hair removal, you want to have the best results. This way, your money is best spent and your skin is left smoother than ever. Here are ways to get the most out of your laser hair removal experience so you can enjoy your results and have as few treatments done as possible.

Stop waxing

The way a laser is able to remove body hair is by detecting the hairs on the body in the first place. If you wax, now is the time to stop. You need to have hair for the laser to recognize so it can target individual hair follicles and destroy them with its rays. If you wax, the follicles are not as easily found so your results may not be what you want.

At the same time, you want to go in for your treatment with smooth skin. Shave within a few hours of your treatment so you can allow the laser to remove more of the follicle and less of the hair, resulting in better results with each treatment.

Avoid the sun

Sunlight can make your laser hair removal more uncomfortable since your skin will be especially susceptible to the sun's rays. Put on sunscreen and keep your skin covered with breathable clothing until your skin has healed from each treatment. If you have any irritation or rashes from your laser hair removal process or you feel the sun has been damaging your skin, call a skincare specialist for assistance.

Go to every appointment

You have to go to around four to six treatments with several weeks between treatments to get the smoothest skin possible. This means you can spend up to nine months on your efforts to get smoother skin. If you skip an appointment or forget to keep an appointment, reschedule as soon as you can. This way, you can stay on track to get smoother skin.

You should notice your skin being more smooth with each treatment. If you notice your skin becoming rough or hairs growing back, let your laser hair removal specialist know.

Take something for pain

While most people don't have much more than mild discomfort during their laser hair removal treatments, you can still take precautions by taking over-the-counter medicine for pain or discomfort before each treatment. If taking a pain reliever will interfere with your laser hair removal, your laser hair removal specialist will let you know.

Contact a laser hair removal clinic for more information. 

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