Receive a Cut And Style Prior to Meeting Your Girlfriend's Parents

If you are going to be meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time, a new haircut may be in order if you have neglected your appearance lately. Stay cool and collected by planning on a specific style and attaining care instructions from your local barber. 

Choose a Classic Style

A classic style that has stood the test of time is your best option if you aren't one to normally keep up with the latest trends. Although it may seem intriguing to receive a radical cut that will stand out, you may feel otherwise after receiving a drastic cut and change of style and may find yourself running for the hills.

Visit your barbershop to get advice on styles that will suit your head size and shape and facial features. Your barber can also suggest a cut and style that you can recreate with standard styling tools and products. If you want to have your style picked out prior to your appointment, purchase a magazine and look for some pictures of trendy actors or singers who possess respectable and appealing hairdos that you admire. 

Use Common Courtesy

Be mindful of your barber's schedule and the level of care that is offered at the establishment. During the scheduling of your appointment, inquire if you will need to wash and comb your hair beforehand or if you can have your hair shampooed and conditioned during the appointment. Leave your phone at home, if at all possible, so that you can focus on what the barber is saying to you during your appointment.

Avoid turning your head or acting as if you are in a rush because this could result in more hair being cut from your head than you would like. If you are interested in additional services, such as a shave or nail trimming and grooming, ask if you could include the extras with your appointment. 

Maintain Your Fresh Look

After your hair appointment, you will want to maintain your style. Hair products that are sold at the barbershop may be useful. Ask your barber which products they used to create your look and ask them to go over the steps necessary to achieve the same results at home.

One additional way of maintaining your look is by asking your barber if you could stop in prior to the meeting with your girlfriend's parents. If this is possible, show up with clean, dry hair. Bring along your styling products and allow the barber to work their magic while you observe what is being done. 

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