Prepping Yourself For Waxing

While you may like the smooth skin you get from waxing done in your favorite salon, the pain that you may have during the process itself can create reluctance about having it done. Luckily, if you attempt a few of these pre-waxing tips, you may feel better after the hair removal session.

Exfoliate Skin

In the days before going in, it's wise to exfoliate the skin to be waxed. Exfoliation rids the skin of any dead skin cells, scrubbing away the very top layer of cells. Body scrubs with exfoliating properties do the job well and painlessly. This process will ensure that the wax pulls out hair with little resistance. Without exfoliation, dead, old skin cells could cling to the hair shaft and make removal more challenging.

Shower Beforehand

A nice warm shower is relaxing, but it will also open your pores. This will make it easier for the wax to pull out the hairs, causing you less pain. By contrast, a cool or cold shower will shrink pores; they'll be tighter around hairs and make waxing more painful.

Skip Coffee

Coffee may be a regular part of your days, but when you're going in for a wax, it's important that you wait for your cup of joe. Coffee increases the acidity inside your body; that will affect your pain tolerance. You're likely to be more comfortable with waxing if you wait until after the session to have your coffee for the day.

Take Some Medicine

Some over-the-counter pain medication can help handle any wax-related pain. Just take it far enough in advance that it has already kicked in by the time waxing begins.

Get Numbing Cream

Many people don't realize that you can get some numbing cream that will dull your senses on the skin about to be waxed. These creams usually include lidocaine, a local anesthetic. As with the medication, apply numbing cream some time before waxing starts so that the cream is already affecting yourself when waxing starts.

Remember Recent Cuts and Bumps

Any kind of open cut or sore can be a source of pain during waxing; don't forget to point this out. For instance, if your kitten scratched an ankle the other day, mention it to the person doing the waxing. They will likely avoid waxing that spot to avoid further pain.

With these tips, suffering isn't necessary when you want smooth skin. Discuss your skin with the waxer for more prepping suggestions. Contact a salon, like Posh Hair Spa & Waxing, for more help

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