Raising the Red Flag: 4 Ways for Newbies to Preserve Color-Treated Red Hair

If you have recently colored your hair to a radiant shade of red, you may have been told by your hairdresser that color-treated red hair tends to fade more quickly than shades of blonde, brown, or black. To keep your red locks bright and beautiful, take a tip from the experts and follow a few simple rules for color-treated redheads.

1. Ask Your Stylist to Apply a Glaze After Coloring Your Hair

Color-treated red hair will maintain a longer-lasting shine and color boost when a glaze is applied after hair coloring. If you color your hair at home, there are various glazing products for red hair you can use after the dye job.

2. Avoid the Heat

Heat is a natural enemy of chemically-treated red hair. If you want to preserve that rich and vibrant red color until your next salon appointment, a good rule of thumb is to "be cool." Use cool (or tepid) water when washing your hair. This will help keep hair-shaft follicles sealed, thus preventing color pigments from being flushed out. Also, avoid using hot styling irons as well as hot hair rollers, as doing so may open the hair cuticles, allowing color to be washed down the drain during your next shampoo.

3. Set Down Some Color with a Depositing Shampoo

Some of these products are labeled as "depositing shampoo" while others are called "replenishing" formulas. In any case, choose a formula that is targeted for color-treated red hair. Use the shampoo regularly in between your hair salon appointments. It will deposit a boost of color to make your red tresses look refreshed and vibrant.

4. Try a Homemade "Red Dye" Concoction of Beet Juice

This is an easy way to add a splash of red and definition to your hair between salon visits using the natural staining effect of red beets. The best part is, beet juice is all natural, and as a result, your hair will not be damaged by the use of harsh chemicals. Simply place some fresh beets in a blender and blend it thoroughly. After doing this, you might want to strain the beet mixture into a kitchen strainer or piece of cheesecloth to remove excess juice. It's a good idea to let it settle for a short while before using it on your hair, as this may help the application thicken.

When you're ready to begin, simply apply the beet juice to sections of hair using a makeup brush. This gives you more control over which strands of hair you'd like to brighten. When you're done with the application, wrap your hair in a plastic "hood" or cap and let the beet juice set for several minutes, in order for the beet "dye" to permeate your hair. The next step is to gently rinse your hair using cool or lukewarm water.

You also might add the extracted beet juice to your shampoo for a boost of color each time you wash your hair.

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