Botox Resistance: Understanding Why Botox Injections For Wrinkles May Not Always Be Effective

From wrinkles on the forehead to crows feet around the eyes, Botox injections work so well to reverse the signs of aging that there are more than four-million patients seeking this cosmetic procedure every year. With an affordable price tag and normally results that can last as long as four months, it is only logical that there would be repeat customers. However, if you have been getting Botox injections for a long time, you may start to see the effects you are used to seeing after treatment lessen over the years. Botox may not always stay as effective as it is the first time around because of Botox resistance. 

What exactly is Botox resistance?

Botox is formed from botulinum toxin, which is a neurotoxic protein. Because this protein is not normally present in the body in large amounts, over time your body may start to recognize the injected material as a threat. In response, the immune system kicks in and starts to build an antibody that counteracts the Botox injections. This means that the effects that once paralyzed facial muscles to prevent the appearance of wrinkles will no longer be as effective and may eventually stop working completely. 

Why are some people more prone to building up a resistance to Botox than others?

Not everyone will develop a resistance to Botox, but it is not clear exactly why that is the case. In general, people who have stronger, healthier immune systems may see a quicker resistance response than someone who does not. Additionally, people who receive injections around the same time that their immune system would be fighting an illness, such as the flu, may see an increased risk of seeing an immunity develop to the material. There is some speculation around why resistance is not always a problem. Some professionals believe it comes down to improper dosage used in the injected Botox solution or even inappropriate injection. 

Are there alternatives available if Botox stops working altogether?

There are a handful of remedies that you can try to help with certain areas that are prone to wrinkles if indeed you do have a resistance to Botox injections. However, there are few remedies in cosmetic medicine that will create the same results without surgery. In some cases, cosmetic surgery can be performed to permanently disable or paralyze the small muscles that are causing your face to look more aged, such as the small muscles located between the eyebrows. 

For more information about your options, contact a local cosmetic clinic.

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